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"move heaven & earth to make a job happen..."

I often ask Printech to undertake jobs with impossible timescales. They always deliver a first class job on time. I like dealing with a company I can always get hold of at any time, who will move heaven and earth to make a job happen.

Production Manager - Ocean Media

What we do

This is the easy bit! Just see if any of the following apply to you or your business:

  • You need something printed (quickly, cost effectively and with quality as a given)
  • You want to lose the headache of managing all your business print requirements
  • You’re not really sure what you need printing and need professional advice
  • You have a large project with a wide range of different print requirements
  • You just want some advice about print or paper
  • Got an idea and need somebody to develop it further to a finished product
  • Need a regular, experienced and independent supplier who acts as a genuine partner
  • On line and ongoing ordering for everyday items as simple as stationery

Printech understand print – that's our job, and it’s our job to make your job easier...

All our staff have genuine print (and remember traditional repro?!) backgrounds, and many years of it. Our aim is simply to do the following:

  1. Take your enquiry (and they vary from £10 to £1,000,000 – they really do...)
  2. Provide you help and advice with that if you need it
  3. Find the best solution to fulfil that enquiry
  4. Fulfil it with the most cost effective and highest quality product we can
  5. Provide you the ultimate customer service experience in the process so you come back and ask for more
  6. Help you find the best print solution for your business
  7. Save you genuine, tangible cost – and genuine, tangible time

It's not actually that difficult – if you want to find out more just telephone us on (01245) 506066 or email us on

If you already have an enquiry with which you would like to try us out, then we would be delighted to see it – just use the enquiry form button on this website and we will process that for you immediately.