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"will always deliver..."

Working in production means I am working to tight schedules. I need a total print solution that offers me value for money and high quality on every job I do, with the safety net of knowing they will always deliver! Good customer service is also extremely important, I feel it is a high priority at Printech...

Production Manager - Citywire Financial

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I buy my own print well, why should I use a print management business?

We completely understand that point. However Printech use our many, many years of in-house print experience to spend as much time as it takes to find you the most suitable printer for each specific job, and at the best possible price we can. In most cases we find we are able to source a more cost effective solution for our clients. We have a working, live and tested database of approx 200 printers across all print disciplines, so whatever your requirement we should be able to help

  • We take time and make real effort to source the right printer from our database to look after your job properly and cost effectively

  • We buy over £5m of print a year and can use our buying power to benefit you

  • We constantly update our supplier list to make sure we stay up to speed with industry developments

2.   I like to talk directly to my printer

We do everything your printer can for you, and more. All advice, file transfer, production queries and job processing are handled directly by our production team here, therefore we aim to be considered as your printer in exactly the same way. However, if you want to press pass, or to check out the press set up for your specific job then we will be delighted to arrange this for you, we have superb and transparent relationships with all our suppliers.

3.   Do Printech print anything in-house?

Yes, Printech has its own digital print facility. This provides our clients with a unique opportunity to combine both their litho printed products together with smaller run and specialist digital products, in some cases these two disciplines are combined in the same product to provide personalised specialist magazines or brochures. Printech are planning to invest and grow their digital facility throughout 2011/2012.

4.   I have an unusual or complex enquiry and don’t know who to talk to! 

That’s an easy one to answer – talk to Printech! We are very happy to spend as much time with you as it takes to help come up with the right solution. If you’re really not sure what it is you want, then we will certainly be able help. If you want help to pull together a complex project that encompasses any number of different types of print, again, Printech are renowned for their diligence and superb service.

5.   How quickly can Printech provide me a quote?

We aim to provide you a price for your enquiry back within 24 hours – sooner if possible. However, we do take the time to source the best suppliers and sometimes with complex or unusual enquiries it might take a little longer, but we will always keep you informed and updated.

6.   Can Printech provide other support service, such as design, or mailing?

Printech does not have in house design, we are print experts so we’re happy to leave the design to the design experts! However we work closely with two or three fabulous designers who will happily work with you to help you with this aspect of your job. As we all know, product design taken with an idea of how it will print into consideration can save you a fortune in the long run! 

We are very happy to organise your mailing for you. Some of the printers on our rosta have a complete in house mailing set up, so it may be that your job will go from press to mail all under one roof. However if not, we have a number of excellent mailing suppliers who can organise everything from personalisation, inserts, bagging, right through to postage. Just ask us for a quote.

7.   I only want some business cards, are we too small for Printech?

We will delighted to look after your cards for you. Whatever your business requirement, from a simple single sided business card, through to the most complex print project, Printech will take as much care and attention to each and every one. There is no such thing as a small fish in a big pond here – all our customers are as important to us as the next...

8.   I’m not sure what paper to use – can I see some samples? 

Printech will be delighted to offer advice and suggestions – we can then send you both printed examples and plain paper samples to help you make your choice. We can also make up “dummies” in the format of your job out of the plain paper samples you are considering, so you can see and feel what the finished job would actually look like. This also helps of course if the product is weight critical.

9.   Do you have quality procedures in place with all your suppliers?

Yes we do. All Printech suppliers are initially carefully chosen to ensure they fit our stringent quality criteria. They must be cost effective, have a close eye on the environment (preferably with an environmental policy), have superb customer service, but always, without fail, produce a quality printed job.

Every job we produce is checked for quality here at Printech Head Office in Chelmsford – and anything we feel that drops below our own exacting standards is raised with the supplier, and any potential issues are ironed out at a very early stage. All our printers have their own QC in place, and standards such as colour checks, taking running sheets, finishing checks, are all part of the procedures we expect as standard.

10.   What happens if I am unhappy with your service or my finished job?

Whilst that is a rarity, of course sometimes things go wrong! After all, it is a manufacturing process and nothing is ever perfect 100% of the time... The most important thing is how we deal with it, and mitigate all potential issues for you and your own customers who may be affected by a defective product or missed delivery for example. We demand total honesty from our suppliers, so the minute we understand there is an issue somewhere we are prepared to take all measures to rectify that, preferably before you even know something is amiss. Many potential issues can be rectified very quickly with sensible decisions, and that is when we work hard to make sure those decisions are taken correctly and quickly. 

If there is any aspect of the service or product you receive from Printech, we want to know about it as quickly as possible. We will do all we can to provide you an honest assessment of the situation, and importantly we will immediately seek to put measures in place that can improve both ourselves and our suppliers service to all our clients.

11.   I’m looking for a single source supplier for many different types of print

Printech source and manage a hugely diverse range of products for many clients. Often, we act as our clients “off-site” print production team, looking after all their requirements, no matter how large or small, or how weird or wonderful the enquiry!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss acting as a single source supplier for our clients – our aim is always to improve our clients cost effectiveness, free up valuable marketing time for you, and save on your existing print spend. In those cases it’s a real “win-win” situation!