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"customer service is second to none..."

Over the past years Printech have proved a trusted and reliable print provider for Puzzler Media, their customer service is second to none.

Puzzler Media



Printech (Europe) Ltd has been growing and developing its professional relationship with a blue chip customer base since its formation in 1998, and in those thirteen years has grown and flourished in the ever competitive and fast moving print environment.

Built on a solid foundation of the old fashioned principles of...

  • Total customer service
  • Best value for money
  • Adding genuine value to products and projects

...Printech has achieved consistent growth and maintains genuine financial strength, as a wholly owned business without finance liability, and owning it's buildings and equipment. It continues to grow, with 2011 on target to provide record sales.


Printech is ever aware of the rapid transformation of on-demand and web-to-print at one end of the scale, married with the core value and principles of providing consistently high quality traditional ink on paper at the other. Therefore Printech is committed to investment in the software that drives ease of use for our clients in order processing and project control, as well as continued growth in our own digital press equipment and finishing set up.

Got an idea or want to develop an easier way to work with your print partners? Let us help – Printech will provide the expertise and the investment to see those ideas through to fruition, and help provide the business goals we all aim for, cost and time efficiency. We are delighted to work with our clients to invest and develop with them.